About the Module

The world is changing and feminine power is on the rise. It is here to help us rebalance our lives, awaken our feminine leadership, and show us a new way to lead our life and businesses by “being” versus “doing”!

We all have both masculine and feminine energies in us! We have just been conditioned to wear a masculine shield, dim our authentic truth, and only access specific parts of who we are to survive and to succeed in a society focused on achievements, competition, and control.

The world is calling for women to awaken their true power, to fully embrace their femininity, and to lead from their most innate superpowers. Heart warriors who show up with integrity, creativity, softness, and fierce love. Authentic leaders deeply connected to their intuition, to themselves, and to others.

This module provides you with 5 simple ways to access and unleash your feminine power. When practiced daily, you’ll discover a fun and effective way to integrate all parts of yourself and unleash your most delicious and powerful part yet! 

Are you ready to unleash your feminine essence and experience its power?

In this module, you will learn:

  1. What is feminine power and why it matters
  2. Traits of wounded and healthy feminine & masculine energies
  3. Deep dive into the five ways to activate your feminine power
  4. Discover a new simple routine to connect & unleash your feminine power daily