About the Module

Cashflow is the lifeblood of your business and also the biggest problem area for many first time business owners. 

I believe scaling with integrity is deeply related to stewarding wealth well: this means knowing your numbers inside out, learning how to analyze them and use them to make really great decisions.

Scaling with integrity also means understanding the difference between “start up mentality” and “growth mentality” – it’s about adopting longer term, bigger picture thinking and not getting trapped on the hamster wheel…running hard down the road to nowhere! 

It means loving your customer more than your own ideas and being willing to adapt and evolve. 

Main Outcomes:

1. Understand the difference between “startup mentality” and “growth mentality” when scaling your business
2. Understand why profitability and good financial stewardship is key to building an integrous business
3. Learn strategies for creating products and services that sell AND scale
4. Use a step by step process to profitably price your products and services
5. Create a financial dashboard with 90 day sales, profit and cash flow goals