About the Module

Video 1: Introduction: Beyond nutrition

  1. The importance of action over knowledge.
  2. Small, daily practices that lead to lasting transformation.

Video 2: What to eat?

  1. Good vs. bad foods – why labeling causes confusion.
  2. What does a balanced meal look like

Video 3: Nutrition guidelines: How to eat and how much?

  1. Clarifying food quantities based on the individual.
  2. Importance of slow, mindful eating and reading your body’s cues.

Video 4: Time saving tips for the busy professional

  1. A system that minimizes your time spent in the kitchen each day.
  2. Speedy, food prep ideas.

Video 5: Conclusion

  1. Wrap up and summary of information.
  2. Putting it all together to create the best nutrition strategy for you.