About the Mentor

Dr. Lola Gershfeld

Lola Gershfeld, Psy. D.
Founder and CEO
EmC Leaders

Ofc: 714-992-4561  | Cell:  714-936-4561
lola@emcleaders.com | emcleaders.com

Dr. Lola Gershfeld is a Board and Team Dynamics specialist, organizational psychologist, and Founder of EmC Leaders. She has helped hundreds of people in for-profit and nonprofit organizations develop positive team cultures that support sustainable growth.

Dr. Gershfeld developed the Emotional Connection (EmC) process, a groundbreaking and empirically supported approach to team engagement and conflict resolution. She has worked with leaders in numerous organizations including the Center Club of Orange County, California Bank and Trust, Miraculous, The Wooden Floor, and Pepperdine University to transform their teams using the EmC process.

In addition to her live EmC workshops and consulting practice, Dr. Gershfeld has also created online EmC courses for individuals and teams. You can register for the EmC Course, EmC Master Class, and EmC Train the Trainer Course at emcleaders.com.