About the Module

To provide an online workshop, comprising of 3-6 videos and a workshop on the topic of Commitment and Accountability, to be shared on the Integrous Women Members page.
Outcomes of the workshop
To describe why commitment and accountability are important when considering personal or professional development
To list which factors encourage commitment and accountability and clarify why those factors have considerable impact.
Make plans on how to make a commitment and begin to determine accountability sources.
Set a time frame around putting actionable steps into place and plan for obstacles.
Take Always from the workshop
All attendees with review and answer the following questions
  • What and who are you going to commit to?
  • What support will you need and where will you get it?
  • What barriers do you foresee and how will you overcome them?
  • Who will you be in the future? What does your new identity look and feel like once you have made a commitment to change?