Integrous Women Member's Club

$35 monthly or

$350 annually (save on 2 months!)






Social Enterprise 

For-Profit Business + Non-Profit Organization = Social Enterprise.

We believe the more you work on and invest in yourself, the greater your chance of impacting the world. As a social enterprise, we’ve created our 10/20/30 Sustainable Impact Model to empower women to achieve their version of (im)possible and build a legacy with integrity.


We believe that what makes us different, is actually what makes us the same. By gathering women of all ages, backgrounds, ethnicities, and careers our learning and growth is accelerated.

Experiential Learning

We believe powerful questions lead to powerful solutions. All of our events and gatherings are faciliatated with an appreciative inquiry framework and human-centric design to maximize value and connection.


Things you WON'T have to do if you join the Member's Club:


Stress and self-judge about not having a plan to reach your goals.


Waste time & money on resources and other platforms that don’t provide you with ACTUAL RESULTS. Our content is vetted, entrepreneur-tested, and given straight from the experts themselves.


Go through this alone. We are a community of like-minded, heart-centered women wanting BIG impact. We get it.


Have all the answers. Let us do some of the heavy lifting for you!


Things you WILL have to do if you join the Member's Club:


Be growth-minded in order to learn from your mistakes and continue to grow through every experience.


Engage in authentic connections because it is by supporting one another that we will see results.


Commit to taking action to your personal and professional development.


Believe in your vision because that is how legacies are built.


Celebrate your wins! You deserve some self-love!


Free & Discounted Live Workshops

Each month we host one Connect for Impact event and one workshop which serve as a great way to reconnect with the community and directly engage in our monthly theme. Every quarter we offer an Impact Social aimed to support local non-profits and better our community. Members have free access to Connect for Impact events, discounts to our workshops, and exclusive, members-only social impact events.

Results-Driven Content

The content provided is based on our community’s needs and feedback. We’ve found the best teachers who will share their personal journeys in mastering these subjects and also guide you along the way!

Mentorship from Experienced Professionals

Each of you has a unique brilliance that you bring to this world. Imagine receiving valuable feedback and insights from key members who you can learn from and grow with – that is what our community is all about!

Featuring YOU

Each month we will select members of our community to highlight and feature in both our website and newsletter. It’s time you were recognized for all your efforts <3

Focus on Personal Development, Professional Development and Philanthropy

These are the pillars of our journey towards our legacies, so everything we provide in the Member’s Club will fit into one of these areas.

Authentic Connections & Community

This is the HEARTBEAT of what we do. Authentic support, loving guidance, and always heart-centered in everything we do. Everywhere you turn is a new best friend!

Live Support & Accountability

This is one of the hardest things to get when you are bracing the lonely walk of entrepreneurship, so we’ve brought it front and center in the Member’s Club. Receive monthly accountability with your assigned Integrity Partners – leave your excuses in the past because it’s action time.

Bonus: FB Group

FREE access to our closed Facebook Group where other like-minded entrepreneurs share their knowledge, wins, challenges and questions, and where you can get quick yet valuable support! (We’ve been told the group support may be the best part of it all!)



Integrous Women Member's Club

$35 monthly or

$350 annually (save on 2 months!)



Together we help women discover their potential

and the resources to achieve it

Your membership helps break the cycle of inequality and trauma for the young girls of

Esperanza y Futuro, our partner orphanage in Guatemala.


Is the Member's Club really as good as it sounds?

YES! And if you want to know more and understand why, review the questions and answers below!

What if I'm not an "entrepreneur"?

Then this is not for you! JUST KIDDING 😉 The content and resources shared in our Member’s Club is applicable to all facets of the professional woman. We want to challenge your thinking though. In today’s world we are all asked to be entrepreneurs to some degree. The workplace has drastically changed and if you aren’t innovating or going the extra mile you are being left behind. Do you take risks? Have to adapt and remain agile? You are more entrepreneurial then you might think! Stay at the top of your game with our Professional Development bundle and remain competitive regardless if you own your own business or not.

Is it REALLY only $35? Are there any hidden costs?

It REALLY is only $35 monthly fee and there are no hidden costs!

I am not sure I'll have the time to go through the courses...
Everything we offer is simply to ADD VALUE to you. Though we would love to see your face often, we completely understand if you can’t make it to everything! Take things at your own pace, and consider us your personal support team in the process.
I've been through other courses/programs/memberships before, what makes this one any different?

The supportive community. Our members have asked this question many times and really honed in on the true essence of the value we provide. At the end of the day, the quality of women we attract (authentic, passionate, heart-centered, impact seekers) has no comparison.

The growth of our community has been completely organic. The women decide to stay with us because of the deep relationships that are built and the lasting growth that we experience. Our Member’s Club is truly built by the community for the community!

What if I'm not happy and want to cancel?

If you are a part of the monthly membership…just give us a 30 day notice and we will (sadly) part our ways. We promise our friendship will still be intact!

If you are a part of the annual membership…we unfortunately cannot offer a refund because your investment also helps support our program in Guatemala. We instead offer a money back guarantee to ensure we are a right fit for you!

Do you offer a Money Back Guarantee?

Yes! We want you to be completely excited, happy and delighted with your Member’s Club purchase which is why we offer a 7-day, no questions asked, money back guarantee (from the very first day you pay). If you are unhappy with our Member’s Club for any reason and let us know within 7 days of your first payment of the first month, we will refund you in full.

Why Guatemala?

Many people have asked us – Why Guatemala? Watch this short video to learn more. We recognize the importance of local impact too, which is why many of our social events benefit local non-profits to ensure we are giving forward in our community!


Integrous Women Member's Club

$35 monthly or

$350 annually (save on 2 months!)