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Meet Alia Tomaszewski:

Joined to meet like-minded women and gain connections to expand personally and professionally.

“Moving from Minnasota, I was looking to meet people and getting my chiropractic practice started.  I was in traditional business networking groups and a friend told me about Integrous Women and then I went to my first Connect for Impact meeting and I was really glad that I went.  It was so refreshing to meet like minded women.”

Meet Viki Johnston:

Joined to challenge her thinking and expand her business.

“It literally started with a sign in Barnes & Noble, for a women’s business book club and I started trying different groups.  And our paths crossed and I started watching the Integrous Women Facebook page and started by going to one of the meetings.  And I just kept coming back!”

Meet Lea Prokopowicz:

Joined to grow her confidence and create supportive connections.

“I was part of a little local networking group where a woman from Integrous Women came in and started talking about this community of women who supported one another, networking and philanthropy.  She was so excited about Integrous Women, that I had to go!’

Meet Pauline Scully:

Joined to make her passion project her full time hustle.

“I was lost, I knew I wanted to do this, but I didn’t know how or what to focus on anything and I crossed paths with another Integrous Women individual and worked with her on creating a video and I wanted to be part of the community.”

Meet Isabelle Bart:

Joined seeking a tribe of social impact creators.

“I really feel like self growth is so essential to making progress in life, and I knew that I could learn from alot of the women in the group.”

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